The Promo for ABC’s Men-Dressed-as-Women Comedy ‘Work It’ Has to Be Some Kind of Joke

The Set

This is what we know: there is now a promo for the ABC mid-season show "Work It," shown below, about two masculine bros who dress up as women to get jobs in the "mancession," and it's so unbelievable that it's even leaving YouTube commenters speechless. (Sample: "I don't know what to write.") That never, ever happens!

What in the hell is going on here? Will it turn out that the premise of the show, that people are actually fooled by these two guys and think that they're actually women, is all a joke on them somehow? And will this affect the legacy of one of the best movies ever made, "Tootsie," in any way (including people who are children now one day thinking the two cultural products are in any way in the same category)? Because that CANNOT HAPPEN. But let's not get distracted. Look at this unbelievably terrible preview for a show that would look ridiculous in the '90s! It's actually coming to TV on January 3rd. To quote that YouTube commenter, I don't know what to write! (Via Warming Glow, where our pal Matt Ufford says, um, even meaner things! And also mentions the fact that "Cougar Town" isn't on the mid-season schedule to make room for this!)