Professional Mechanical Bull Rider!


"Live! with Kelly": Gary Oldman just dropped by to talk about the new "Batman" movie, and show us his killer Model Walk. NBD. Wait, huh? Well why am I surprised that Gary could kill it on the catwalk -- he has more range than any actor ever! This is a guy who's played Sid Vicious, Commissioner Gordon, Dracula, Rosencrantz, Lee Harvey Oswald, Beethoven, and Sirius Black. So it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it turned out he was that Right Said Fred guy!

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy Bush has done some pretty cool stuff in his career, but I would have to imagine that receiving and Indian name from Lou Diamond Philips is the highlight! I mean, this is "La Bamba" we're talking about! If breaking your collar bone in three places is what it takes to have this honor bestowed up you, then sign me up for a serious beat down!

"Bethenny": If things don't work out with the talk show, Bethenny should look into being a professional mechanical bull rider! Even at slow speeds those things are hard to hang on to, and she managed to make it all the way through a ride! And you know if there is a way to bottle and sell Skinny Girl mechanical bull riding skills, she'll figure it out and do it!

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