Preview Travis Wall’s New Dance Show, ‘All The Right Moves’

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

"So You Think You Can Dance" is frustratingly on hiatus for the next two weeks while some other little televised competition show called the Olympics is on, but that doesn't mean diehards can't get their "SYTYCD" fix in the interim--as this Tuesday night, Oxygen premieres the new reality show starring beloved "SYTYCD" alums Travis Wall and Nick Lazzarini, "All The Right Moves."

The series follows Season 2 "SYTYCD" runner-up Travis, Season 1 "SYTYCD" winner Nick, and Julliard-trained dancer Kyle Robinson as they launch their own dance company, Shaping Sound. Much of the show focuses on the drama behind setting up such an ambitious venture, but judging from the show's pilot episode, the series will feature plenty of dancing by the talented trio, sometimes accompanied by "SYTYCD" alums like last year's champion, the exquisite Melanie Moore.

What prospective investor wouldn't want to empty out his/her bank account and hand it all over in giant dollar-sign-emblazoned sacks to Shaping Sound, after witnessing performances like the ones below?

The full first episode of "All The Right Moves" can be viewed HERE, or you can see it on your TV set this Tuesday night. Cue music!

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