POPsessions: Dr. Oz Shares His Pop Culture Obsessions

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"The Dr. Oz Show" kicks off its fifth season on Sept. 9 with a new lineup that would make other talk shows jealous: Steven Tyler, the "Duck Dynasty" gang, various "Real Housewives" stars, and Wayne Brady are among the celebs who'll help Dr. Oz discuss topics like addiction, the best sex positions if you're suffering back pain, and trampoline workouts. The rockin' doc — still a practicing, world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon — took time from his very busy schedule to have a little fun with Yahoo TV's POPsessions questionnaire, including the answer to a question you're dying to know: What does the health-conscious doctor nosh on when he catches a flick?

By the way, re: No. 12 … well played, Dr. Oz.

1. Have you ever dressed as a celeb for Halloween? Yes, Steven Tyler.

2. What article of clothing could you not live without? Purple gloves.

3. Who is your favorite tweeter? Jimmy Fallon.

4. What do you eat or drink while watching a movie in the theater? Popcorn, hold the butter.

5. What was the first movie you saw? "Cool Hand Luke."

6. What song was playing during your first kiss? "Just an Illusion" by Imagination.

7. Did you have a poster of a celeb on your wall when you were a kid or a teen? Yes, Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman.

8. What movie makes you cry? "The English Patient."

9. What movie character do you wish you could be? Spider-Man.

10. What's the TV show you never miss? "Game of Thrones."

11. What TV show would you like to live in? "Breaking Bad."

12. Who is your TV crush? Lisa Oz, "The Lisa Oz Show" (premieres on Veria Living this fall).

13. What TV theme song do you still remember the words to? "Beverly Hillbillies."

14. What's the guiltiest pleasure currently on your DVR? "How It's Made."

15. What is your favorite karaoke song? "Soul Man."

16. What is your favorite album? "Born to Run."

17. What was your first concert? The Psychedelic Furs.

18. What website do you visit when no one is watching? ESPN.com.

19. What phone app do you use the most? Sonos.

20. What was on your favorite T-shirt when you were growing up? Captain America.

Watch a preview of the new season of "Dr. Oz":

Season 5 of "The Dr. Oz Show" premieres on Sept. 9. Check your local listings for time and channel.

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