Get That Poor Reporter An Ice Pack!


"Today": Okay, someone get that poor reporter an ice pack. Everyone else, have a great weekend! Oh, and don't let a pole hit you on your way out of the Internet. See ya Monday!

"Access Hollywood Live": I know actor Christopher McDonald as Darryl, the guy I love to hate from "Thelma and Louise", but all my male co-workers know him only as Shooter McGavin from "Happy Gilmore"! But one thing we can all agree on? The guy can dance!

"Wake Up with Al": Between Al throwing to the wrong person for the news, sneaking up on and freaking out Stephanie, the animal nose story, the failed attempt at replaying a clip with him and Michelle Obama and the huge dance party, this show had enough material for me to do five of my shows! If you don't have "Wake Up with Al" as part of your DVR, that needs to change ASAP!

"Ellen": Ellen had two of my favorite celebrity guests on today: Serious David Arquette, who gave a heartfelt speech about how he credits his good relationship with ex Courtney Cox and their kids to a deep and meaningful exploration of his soul, which allows him to love himself, and not mistakenly root his negative feelings in his failed relationship. Then she welcomed Goofball David Arquette, who giggled like a six-year-old and did a squirmy pee dance in his chair when she asked about his current love life! Wow, it's so strange... how can two such different people look so much alike?

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