'Playing House' Sneak Peek: Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham Talk About Their Star-Studded New USA Comedy

Maggie Furlong
Yahoo TVMarch 11, 2014

Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham introduced fans to their incredibly hilarious, totally offbeat BFF-dom with NBC's way too short-lived "Best Friends Forever," but now they're back with USA's "Playing House" (premieres Tuesday, April 29 at 10 p.m.), and we cannot wait.

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Yahoo TV has an exclusive first look at a new star-studded trailer for the show, featuring St. Clair (aka the saleswoman from "Bridesmaids") and Parham (the therapist from "Arrested Development"), as well as Keegan-Michael Key from "Key & Peele," Zach Woods from "The Office," and a handful of other very recognizable character actors. Take a look:

"Playing House" booked several other big-name guest stars for its first season, including "Malcolm in the Middle's" Jane Kaczmarek, "Daily Show's" Larry Wilmore, and "Saturday Night Live's" Bobby Moynihan, and Parham and St. Clair revealed there's more where that came from, like Jason Mantzoukas, Lindsay Sloane, John Lutz, Neil Casey, and Brad Morris.

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"Because we had babies and we were exhausted, we decided to cast the funniest improvisors we could so we didn't have to do so much work," St. Clair said with a laugh when Yahoo TV caught up with the multi-talented, sentence-finishing duo on the show's set. "We write the scripts and then they give us a million alternate takes."

"Zach we've known forever," Parham said of Woods, who plays her brother on the show. "And of course he's like maybe the..." "...the best improvisor in the universe," St. Clair chimed in to complete the thought, as BFFs often do.

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"And Brad Morris plays Lennon's ex-husband, and he's from Second City and, again, just phenomenal," St. Clair said. "John Lutz who was on '30 Rock'... we have a very hot, passionate kiss in one episode. He plays a nerd named Rodney. Jason Mantzoukas as well. We have just filled this whole show with our friends."

"We were also writing it for people, writing characters with specific people in mind," Parham revealed. "Like we have a character named Neil Casey that was written for our friend Neil Casey."

"Yeah, and Lindsay Sloane plays our nemesis who we call Bird Bones — we've called her that since high school since she has such brittle, frail bones," St. Clair teased. "She's always breaking her bones," Parham chimed in. 

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Jane Kaczmarek as Lead's Mother]

"And when we met Jane Kaczmarek... first of all, the fact that she agreed to do this..." St. Clair started, with both ladies finishing in unison, "No one knows why." Parham finished singing Kaczmarek's praises: "She's just a pro and a phenomenal comedian and actress — I'm just like, 'You're taking this show and elevating it and we cannot thank you enough."

"They are good writers!," Kaczmarek told Yahoo TV on the "Playing House" set, talking about St. Clair and Parham and why she took the part. "I got sent this script, and it was so well-written and so funny. There's a very classic, well-written sitcom structure to it. And then I watched the pilot and I thought, 'This is amazing!' I said, 'I don't care what they pay [laughs] — I want to do this!"

"Playing House" premieres Tuesday, April 29 at 10 p.m. on USA.