A Piping Hot Dancing Holiday Side Of Beef


"Today": Before his kiss with Michelle Pfieffer, I wonder if Zac Efron went to fellow "New Year's Eve" co-star Ashton Kutcher for advice on kissing a much older woman. And before his kiss with Lea Michele I wonder if Ashton went to Zac for advice on kissing an actress known for starring in musicals! And then, I wonder if they consoled each other for both losing the best things that ever happened to them. Poor guys (well, poor Zac)!

"Live! with Kelly": So, let me get this straight: international singing star Josh Groban doesn't wear glasses, but frumpy, catty-comment-delivering fill-in "Live!" co-host Josh Groban wears HUGE black-framed glasses all the time? He's like Clark Kent or something! It must be his secret identity. At night, he transforms into... Album-Friendly Soft Rock Man!

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy and Kit seemed pretty surprised that Dermot Mulroney is an avid cello player. But I was more surprised that Dermot Mulroney has still been acting since "My Best Friend's Wedding"!

"Ellen": Fun Holiday Fact: In the tradition of last year's mascot for the "12 Days of Giveaways", a giant dancing stocking named "Big Bootie", this year's mascot is a happy tangled ball of Christmas lights named "Hot Mess". Just trying to keep everyone informed! Prediction for next year: a piping hot dancing holiday side of beef called "Rump Roast".

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