Pinch And Zoom Her Cheeks


"Access Hollywood Live": Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff! Now, some of you may recognize that as the slogan of Homer Simpson's favorite beer, but it's also a motto I live by... when talking about Hilary Duff! What a cutester!

"GMA": Today in  uncomfortably awkward genuine TV moments: Debbie Reynolds openly hitting on just-about-her-height George Stephanopoulos, and then looking truly crestfallen when she found out he's already married. Well hey, it's your loss, George... don't you know that's Carrie Fisher's mom? You could've told Princess Leia: "I am your Father... in law!"

"The Early Show": Ooh, that iPad-loving-baby was so cute, I just wanted to pinch and zoom her cheeks! Although I'm not sure what was up with her built-in chat app. All I got was adorable iBabble!

"Ellen": I don't know where hunky ex-football star Michael Strahan got that fine-lookin' shirt he was sportin', but I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's from The Gap!

"Today": The no-carve-jack-o'lanterns were pretty darn cute but personally, I like my pumpkins punctured (and no-carve-jack-o'lanterns has too many hyphens!)

"GDLA": I've never felt more at home than I did today watching my favorite local morning news show! Jillian featured some goodies from Hollywood's "Trashy Lingerie"... because once my boyfriend and I hit our one year anniversary that's where all my lingerie went-the trash!

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