Pin The Tail On Jesse


"GMA": Sandra Bullock and her first mate Louis looked so cute as a pair o' pirates! That must've been a jolly  good birthday parrrty... I bet they even played 'Pin the Tail on the Jesse!'

"Access Hollywood Live": There's just something about people who host a show on Yahoo! that really makes me love them, well besides Frank Nicotero of course. So let me just say to Niecy Nash, welcome to the family!

"Good Day New York": What a great day for Caroline Rhea, she's finally back on TV and she went on the biggest morning show in New York to talk about it and get potential viewers excited. And the first thing Rosanna says is that she doesn't like the idea of the show! Caroline tried to explain the comedy angle of it but as well all know, the only brands of comedy they know on "Good Day New York" are the accidental and unintentional kinds!

"Today": I don't know if it's possible to have nostalgia for the "Today's" of Yesteryear - but if you can, then I did! See, while Matt was charming the pants off his daily regimen of guests on Today, his old partner Katie Couric was pinch-hitting for Regis over on "Live!" So, once I got two TVs, pushed them together, taped pieces of paper over Ann Curry and Kelly Ripa, and made my own two-channel split-screen, they were rockin' 30 Rock just like it was '97 to '06 again! Oh, and then my TVs started smoking and I had to turn them off. But still... memories.

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