My New Personal Hero!


"Anderson": My new personal hero: (no, not Octomom.) Try today's other guest, Miss Robbie Montgomery! Not only did she create what looks like the best fried chicken in honey glaze recipe known to mankind... she also parlayed it into a soul food empire, including Sweetie Pie's restaurant, and her own show on the Oprah network! Oh, and did I mention she made fried chicken live on TV in a faux fur coat?!? Well bake my biscuits!

"Wake Up with Al": No Al Roker meant no Friday dance party, how disappointing! But not to fear, we held our own dance party at work and I've got the video to prove it. Just check out my own personal Nikki Boyer Facebook page to see some of the hottest, and also saddest, dance moves ever! And if you've got the beat, post your own video too!

"Good Day New York": Greg's attempt to scare Rosanna for April Fool's Day was kind of a letdown considering the hi-jinx he normally brings to the show. Then again, the holiday isn't til Sunday so maybe he'll do something cool then like show up to her house with a camera crew and try to convince her that it's a weekday and force her to do a show. That's actually a pretty good idea, I hope you're taking notes Greg!

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