Permanent DVR Do-Not-Delete Status


"Today": Duggar number 20 better be it, or they're gonna run out of fingers and toes to count all those kids! I'm pretty sure at this point the Duggar house can break off and become its own country right? I mean they've got enough people for a small army, so why not?! If I had a dollar for every Duggar family member, I  could totally have a down payment for a new house. I really need to find them on Facebook so I can double the amount of friends I have. I could go on and on with the jokes, but the point is, that's a lot of kids!

"Ellen": Oh my goodness, those British Nicki Minaj girls from YouTube are adorable! They did not disappoint in their second appearance on Ellen. So quick question: do we really need other guests? Can't the show just be Ellen talking to these two cuteness monsters for an hour every day? That would instantly attain permanent DVR do-not-delete status at my house.

"Regis and Kelly": Katie Holmes randomly interrupted her own interview to give Regis a giant coconut cake. And no, she didn't jump out of it. She just had it sitting on a table under a cover, and she just up and gave it to him. Like in mid-sentence. Odd. Plus, she said she got it at some trendy NYC bakery, so it wasn't even Holmes-made...

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