Some Of These Peeps Can Really Shake It!


"Today": In the fourth hour, Hoda and Kathie Lee took us on a tour of all the latest trends in plastic surgery. They even decided to undergo a few procedures themselves, live on the air -- and docs promised each one would take years off their faces. And hey, I think it worked -- they look like they may be back to double digits!

"Ellen": Ellen's getting all kinds of awesome and crazy responses to her call for viewer-made Dance Dare videos. Some of these peeps can really shake it, then when they get caught, fake it... like they were just casually strolling by. I sent her my own entry a while back, but I haven't heard anything yet. Although, that might have something to do with that peanut butter smudge that was stuck on my laptop screen the day I read about the contest... I may have misread the rules. Turns out she's not quite as interested in seeing our "Pants Dares". My bad!

"Wendy Williams": I thought Wendy was going to have a major breakthrough early in the show when she started peeling back her wig. I started freaking out, thinking that this could be the day we finally get to see her sans wig! Unfortunately she stopped short of removing it altogether, but at least we now know that she hates her center part wig and only thinks it looks good from afar. Good story, Wendy!

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