"Today": My favorite story on today's "Today": 'Mom turns passion for olive oil into business'. Wow, that's inspiring! And it's true -- just like I turned my passion for laying around watching daytime TV into a business! Hey, I wonder what other passions I can make into money-makers? Hmm, how about my passion for napping? Reviewing pillows, maybe? Or my passion for snacking? Pay-per-chew!

"Bethenny": I find it odd that Bethenny didn't know more of the words to "Smelly Cat", and not because everyone should be a fan of "Friends", or because they showed a clip of the song 30 seconds prior. But if you own a TV, you most definitely come across "Friends" reruns at least once a day while flipping through the channels as it's pretty much on at all times. Therefore, you should have seen "Smelly Cat" performed, if only by accident, at least 100 times in your life!

"Wake Up with Al": They had all kinds of interesting stories on today, so it was hard to decide what to use in my show. But the ice cream eating contest made me feel full, the puppy rescued from flooding made me feel sad and the lawn chair balloons story just made me confused. Luckily, the skunk stuck in a jug made me feel just right!

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