‘Parenthood’ Portrays Both Possible Causes of Game Night Ruination: The Rules Stickler and the Sore Loser

The Set

Look, I'm not crazy, okay? I don't think Freemasons run the country, nor do I need a tinfoil hat to keep the CIA from reading my thoughts. But SOMEONE at NBC has OBVIOUSLY been spying on my behavior at recent game nights. First, in September, the network dramatized an extreme sore-losing situation at a Model UN on "Community." And then, last night, a Braverman family Game Night is marred by a child's inability to give a clue during Charades.

Oh man, you guys. This one hurts. Because I have been on both sides of this scenario! Just this past weekend, I was at a Game Night where several guests had never played Celebrity before and took a rather liberal attitude toward the rules when, as we ALL KNOW, rules help control the fun! And then, later that night, when I was scolded for doing some sketchy inflecting in the "one word" round...well, I didn't upend a bucket of popcorn while storming out of the room, but I sure wanted to.

Anyway, later in the episode, Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia (Erika Christensen) use the incident as a teachable moment, to get Sydney (Savannah Paige Rae) used to the idea that she won't always win at games she plays — a lesson I am evidently far too old to learn at this point. BUT COME ON YOU GUYS YOU CAN'T SAY "HAT" WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO MIME "KING TUT"!!!