‘Pan Am’ First Look: The Crew Flies Into a Political Firestorm in Haiti

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Dean, Ted, and Colette land in Haiti this week (ABC)
Dean, Ted, and Colette land in Haiti this week (ABC)

ABC's jetsetting '60s drama "Pan Am" has briefly touched on all the political unrest swirling around during that era. (Remember that Cuban evacuation in the premiere?) But on this week's all-new episode, entitled "Unscheduled Departure," the crew is forced to land right in the middle of a hotbed of political upheaval to save one of its passengers. The episode doesn't air until Sunday, but we have a first look at it for you right here.

The episode finds the Pan Am crew on a flight to Caracas, along with a wealthy passenger (played by telenovela star Aaron Diaz) who charms the stewardesses. But when the passenger falls ill, the plane has to make an emergency landing in Haiti to get him medical help. And unfortunately, the island nation is being torn apart by political unrest following a devastating series of tropical storms.

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In this preview, Dean and Ted enlist Colette to help them communicate with a pair of Haitian rebels as they search for medical supplies. But they soon find that money is the universal language. Watch the video to get a taste of what's to come, and be sure to tune in Sunday night to get the full story.

"Pan Am" airs Sundays at 10pm ET on ABC.

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