A Pair Of Golden Globes Under His Belt


"Today": Who knew going to the hospital could be so fun and relaxing?! When I broke my wrist as a young girl in a freak tetherball accident, my hospital experience would have been way less traumatic had I stayed in Jay-Z and Beyonce's hospital room! And I love that it has a kitchen, because who wouldn't want to whip up a nice casserole dish while nursing someone back to health?! Nurse, I'm gonna need some gauze, a scalpel and a stick of butter, STAT!

"Access Hollywood Live": I can't decide what was more creepy from today's show, the pictures of Jay-Z's face superimposed on a baby's body or "Bizarre Foods" host Andrew Zimmern trying to get Billy and Kit to eat chicken feet. I'm gonna give a slight edge to the chicken feet, but lets just say I hope baby Blue Ivy gets the majority of her looks from her mommy!

"CBS This Morning": Current First Lady Michelle Obama gave a White House tour to current "CBS This Morning" host and former US Deputy Oprah Gayle King. And one of the fun family facts she revealed is that one of the first daughters recently got her first cell phone. Wow, that's quite the rite of passage these days. I guess that means if she goes over her minutes, her dad is gonna make a federal case out of it. But I think all her calls have to be monitored by the Secret Service, which kinda stinks, because they hardly ever wanna talk about boys!

"Ellen": If there's one thing we learned from Ricky Gervais talking about a certain return engagement to host a certain upcoming Hollywood awards show for the third time, it's that this guy definitely has a pair of Golden Globes under his belt. I can't wait to see what he's gonna say this year!

"Live! with Kelly": Not only did Dolly Parton say that she met her husband at "The Wishy-Washy laundromat" on her first day in Nashville... she also fessed up that she's been married for 46 years? To the same person!?!? That's amazing. Although technically, only parts of her have been married for all 46 years.

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