Overexposed Pop Songs


"Today": NBC has only the highest journalistic standards, so before they aired the clip of the reporter with a roach running around on his shoulders, they had to make sure this wasn't a publicity stunt. So they put their feelers out... they set up bugs, talked to moles... and had their antennae up for any wrongdoing. But any rumors that this was fake - have been squashed!

"Good Day New York": When it came to their coverage of the roach crawling on a reporter, I love the strategy Dave and Rosanna used… which is to blame the producers of course! Things aren't always going to go perfectly during live TV so instead of the "talent" taking the blame, the best thing to do is blame the person nobody can see. For instance lets say you didn't like a joke or clip we used on our show. Well, it's all my producer Kevin's fault, duh!

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": I wonder if Science Bob is friends with Ellen's Science Guy, Steve Spangler? Do they go out to dinner and ask for a Periodic Table for two? Or are they mortal enemies? Seems like too small of a club to not get along with one another. Maybe they all get together over at Bill Nye The Science Guy's house and watch old reruns of Mr. Wizard!

"Wendy Williams": I know that "Gangnam Style" has taken over "Call Me Maybe" as far as overexposed pop songs heard everywhere go, but in this case I think Wendy did the right thing. If Dennis Haysbert would have read the mostly Korean lyrics to "Gangnam" things would have gotten lost in translation, pun intended. So, Dennis reading the "Call Me Maybe" lyrics was definitely the right move! And I must say, he can call me absolutely!

"Wake Up with Al": Seeing videos of epic hail storms never gets old! And that's because I love to say things like "what the hail is that?" and then have a nice chuckle to myself. If you've got a problem with that, they why don't you just stay the hail away from me!

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