An Over-Bieber-Acheiver


"Ellen": I wonder what Justin Beiber is gonna get Selena Gomez for Christmas? Since, unlike every other girl her age, she'll already have the Justin Beiber Christmas Album. Should he go the romantic  route, and rent out the Rockefeller Center ice rink for a skate? Or be an over-Beiber-achiever, and spring for his and hers Batmobiles? Hmm, or maybe just some socks. Everybody needs socks!

"Today": Kathie Lee and Hoda weighed in on the Kim and Kris Katastrophe, today. Obviously, KLG is in support of her goddaughter who was married for a shorter time than it took me to get to work this morning. She mentioned how excited Kim was before the big day, yet the "lovebirds" seemed a little distant at a pre-wedding party she attended. Kathie Lee said she doesn't want her gift back, even though the masses are insinuating that the wedding was a money making sham! FYI, KLG got KK some candles… I'm sorry, Kandles! Come on Kathie Lee… step up with the gift-giving! Or I'm not inviting you to my second wedding!

"GDLA": The celebration for Jillian becoming an American citizen was today, with all sorts of decorations - and even a cake! But once someone breaks it to her that hockey isn't all that popular in America and she won't get free health care here like she did in her native land, maybe she won't be quite as excited. Either way let me be the umpteenth person to officially say, welcome to America, eh!

"Regis and Kelly":I always love it when they have Char the Psychic come on. She amazed everyone by sussing out Kelly Ripa's pregnancy, back on K-Rip's very first day on the job! So that's why it seemed so weird that Char had no idea they were about to cut her off with a commercial. But what do you think the funniest part about watching a psychic get confused on TV is? Yup, I totally agree!

"Wendy Williams": Yesterday I joked that Wendy's budget must be pretty small because her Halloween outfit was just free stuff that she had received. But after seeing today's show where she admitted "we have bugs in the studio" I'm pretty convinced there really is no budget at all. I mean, you can buy one of those bug bomb thingys for like ten bucks!

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