This Oughta Really Get Al Roker’s Goat!


"Today": Move over, Hoda... but maybe just for a few days. It's vacation week all over daytime, and while Matt Lauer got a visit from Meredith today, and gets a big ol' dose of Sarah Palin starting tomorrow, KLG is pairing up with... Pat O'Brien? Wow, how'd they get Access to such an Insider? (Just don't tell Lara Spencer...)

"GMA": Katie Couric is hosting "GMA"! This is so weird… it's like they stole NBC's mascot right before the big game! This oughta really get Al Roker's goat!

"The View": The ladies have been on vacation for the past two weeks, so they had a lot to talk about! Unfortunately, most of what they discussed would have been better suited for off-the-air, seeing how it wasn't very interesting. Then again, if you really want to know what cool celebrity types do on vacation - hit me up! I can tell you all about my weekend in St. Louis!

"Ellen": The first thing I did after seeing the bad paid-for photos segment was make very sure that the Glamor Shots I had taken way back when are tucked away in a place where they'll never see the light of day! Now all I have to do is be extra nice to my mom for the rest of eternity so she doesn't ever feel the itch to pull those photos out of storage and show them in public!

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