Oprah’s Rare Book Collection


"CBS This Morning": Gayle King had the day off today, which means she's either on a nice, well-deserved vacation... or else Oprah's rare book collection needed re-alphabetizing. Hurry back, Gayle!

"Live! with Kelly": Welp, we have apparently exhausted every mild-mannered man and pseudo-celebrity who wanted to sit in as Kelly's co-host, because now we've moved on to contest winners. Great job today, motor-mouthed frenetic public access Carson Kressley guy! If they were picking strictly on words per minute, you'd already have the gig.

"Access Hollywood Live": Guest host Donny Deutsch used the phrase "nookie nookie" when interviewing cast members from "Bachelor Pad" about hooking up with people. In a related story, Donny Deutsch is actually a 12-year-old girl! All kidding aside, trying to ask a serious question about what goes on at the "Bachelor Pad" was his first mistake!

"Wake Up with Al": I don't know if it's the crazy heat wave happening all over the country or what, but Al and Stephanie have been acting pretty weird lately. If it's not Steph singing the Kit Kat theme song, it's Al making fun of a correspondent's outfit. For the sake of everyone involved, we need rain and cool temperatures ASAP!

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