Opinionated Showrunner Kurt Sutter Quits Twitter

The Set

Long before Charlie Sheen was being crazy on Twitter, the social medium was a vehicle for the uncensored bloviations of Kurt Sutter. The "Sons of Anarchy" creator was so renowned for his rantacious Twitter feed that he even attracted followers who don't watch his show (me). But those days are behind us now: Sutter has not just quit Tweeting, but deleted his feed.

The last straw was, apparently, Sutter's views on Frank Darabont's departure from AMC's "The Walking Dead," which Sutter blamed on AMC's having overspent on "Mad Men." (Sutter isn't the only one calling attention to AMC's cost-cutting: There's also a new parody Twitter feed purporting to belong to Joel Stillerman, a senior VP at AMC, which mines humor from Stillerman's frugality.)

But Sutter's retirement from Twitter was probably a long time coming; his feed made news more often than you might have thought.

July 2011: Sutter tweets his rage at finding "Anarchy" passed over for Emmy nominations.

May 2011: Sutter blasts New York magazine for shooting the "Anarchy" cast but not running the photos.

February 2011: Sutter uses a profane word to describe journalist Lacey Rose of The Hollywood Reporter (also on his blog: language and an image NSFW).

There's actually more, but...well, Sutter knew what he was doing when he deleted all his old Tweets. I'll update this post after I can make it to the Library of Congress.