Only Five Philbin Shopping Days Left!


"Today": Matt Lauer was back from his "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?" vacation and ugh, he's totally that guy in the office that takes awesome vacations and then comes back and brags about it! Everyone laughed and smiled as he showed behind the scenes footage and pictures from his trip but we all know his co-hosts are pretty jealous! Wouldn't you be? I can barely get away to Grandma's house for the weekend, let alone spend five days in five different countries! We get it Matt, you're the luckiest guy ever and you've got the pictures to prove it!

"Regis and Kelly": Only five Philbin shopping days left til Reege-mas, people!  Lots of great guests lined up this week to send Regis off to pudding-town... but I think the one I'm most excited about will be the Regis-Kathie Lee reunion set for Thursday!  I am fully expecting to have 80's flashbacks, along with the strange sensation that I'm home sick from junior high...

"Ellen": I kind of can't blame Ellen for occasionally importing extra dancers to help her out now and then.  She just taped her 1,400th show.. and just about anybody would be out of variations on the cabbage patch by then.  Also, true story: that Maroon 5 song was gonna be about her, and not Mick Jagger, but they couldn't figure out what rhymes with "Moves Like DeGeneres".

"GDLA": I can't decide if Bob Decastro's interview with the camped-out "Twilight" fans was funny… or just sad. On one hand, some of these people have traveled cross country in hopes of catching a glimpse of the stars as they walk the red carpet. On the other hand they could just watch the live red carpet coverage tonight on Yahoo! from the comfort of their own homes… and wouldn't have to camp out at all!

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