One Woman Heads West Without Her Husband on 'Breaking Amish: LA' [Video]

Rachel Poletick
Yahoo! TV
One Woman Heads West Without Her Husband on 'Breaking Amish: LA' [Video]

TLC's "Breaking Amish" is back with a vengeance, but with a whole new crew and in a brand-new city.

"Breaking Amish: LA" is the follow-up to the hit series that took young Amish and Mennonite adults away from their rural and strict religious upbringings into the metropolitan life that pulses through the veins of New York City. Now a whole new group of people are leaving the Amish and Mennonite communities to find their way in Los Angeles.

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This extended sneak peek gives us some insight into the characters we'll be watching in this new series. From the moment they discover that electricity is readily available in Los Angeles homes to their first interactions with drunken nightclubbers, this isn't so much a departure as an extension of what we already love about the "Breaking Amish" series, but with the added twist of moving the show from the hustle and bustle of the East Coast to the sunny and unfamiliar West Coast.

It is not without its own special and unique drama, though. On the new series, one of the women we'll be following has left behind not only her community, but also a husband as well.

Whether or not you've seen "Breaking Amish" before, you'll surely enjoy getting to know this new cast of characters as they embark on a journey of self-discovery.

"Breaking Amish" premieres Sunday, 7/21 at 10 PM on TLC.