Ommmmm: Oprah and Dave Talk Meditation and Mantras on 'Late Show' [Video]

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Ommmmm: Oprah and Dave Talk Meditation and Mantras on 'Late Show' [Video]

Meditation must be helping Oprah feel more Zen, because she's returning to Dave Letterman's couch tonight for her first "Late Show" visit in eight years.

The former talk show queen ended a long public feud with Letterman with a 2005 "Late Show" appearance, and now she's back to promote her new movie, "Lee Daniels' The Butler." She's also pitching her new online meditation project with Deepak Chopra, which offers soothing meditations to users free of charge. But Letteman, as you might imagine, is skeptical — as you can see in the preview clip above.

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Oprah senses Dave's eyes glazing over when she starts talking about the benefits of meditation. "Do you meditate? I can tell you don't, never mind," she says. But Letterman insists he does, with Oprah replying, "I don't believe you!" (We don't believe him, either; it's so hard to know when that guy is pulling your leg.)

Dave then presses Oprah to reveal her meditation mantra. She doesn't want to ("They tell you not to tell anyone"), but she eventually relents and whispers it in his ear. "That's mine!" Letterman exclaims. Even if he's joking (and he probably is), it's still nice to think that a little chanting and conscious breathing might be able to bring these two former adversaries together.