The View”: In a video message for Barbara, Ali Wentworth claimed that there was no hot water, the toilets didn't run, there were rats everywhere and Joy's hair was falling out - all because of the absence of Barbara! I'm guessing she was just kidding, but if not, it kind of sounds like Ali was on a certain cruise ship the last few weeks and not guest-hosting “The View”!

Today”: I wonder where he parked his Harley, because Paul Rudd definitely rode the handlebars into the studio. We got a sneak peek at his glorious "Anchorman" mustache! Looks like the Brian Fantana soup strainer will be in full effect this summer! It's made with bits of real panther... so you know it's good!

Ellen”: Ellie Kemper will someday show up in the LA texting dictionary, next to the phrase "OMG ADORBZZZ". And allow me to translate that for the rest of you! For my East Coast friends, that means "wicked precious"! And for you Midwesterners, it's the same as saying "Oh, for cute!"

GDNY”: I don't want to say that Rosanna was ungraceful while jumping rope, so I won't say anything at all! I'm just glad there were no major injuries, because jumping up and down in heels on that slick sidewalk did not look easy. On the other hand, I do want to say that Greg looked ungraceful in his attempt, which he would probably agree with since he promptly retired from double-dutch the second he was done!

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