Office Lottery Pools


"Access Hollywood Live": Rapper 50 Cent wouldn't talk about how much money he made from his stake in Vitamin Water, all he could do was chuckle. Of course I have a similar reaction when people ask how much I make for watching TV all day, but my chuckle is because it's so much lower than people think. But something tells me 50 has made a fortune and is chuckling all the way to the bank, lucky!

"Wendy Williams": I love my girl Wendy, so she can talk about corns on her feet all day long! Heck, she can even discuss warts, rashes and bunions for all I care! As long as she eventually dishes on the latest gossip in Hollywood, I'm cool with it!

"Good Day New York": Sometimes I get the feeling that they don't think cameras are actually rolling on this show, but I can assure them that they are. In fact millions of people are watching them spend long periods of time discussing their boring social lives and office lottery pools. Don't they know that some random couple in the Midwest is gonna win the Powerball? So there's no need to spend so much time talking about it!

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