Now Shut Your Snouts!


"GMA": Robin Roberts interviewed Tim Tebow today, and I'm not sure what sport he plays, but wow, was he ever excited to be there! In fact, they even played a clip of a news conference where they counted all the times he said 'excited'! And when he saw the clip, you know what he said his reaction was? Yup... excited. So I guess he plays ExciteBall? Ooh, how exciting. Yay, sports!

"Good Day New York": Those people who were fighting on the subway are lucky they didn't engage Snackman when he stepped in to break up their fight. Because while he just appeared to be a chip-munching stranger to them, it turns out he is a former wrestler who probably could have dealt them some serious blows! So you just never know what would have happened if they made him drop his Pringles, it could have gotten messy in more ways than one!

"Live! with Kelly": They said that was John Slattery from "Mad Men" was on today's show, but I'm not so sure... he didn't look mad to me! In fact, he looked downright giddy to be there. Maybe they had free backstage bagels?

"Today": "" asked the dumbest question ever: "Has bacon lost it's sizzle?" In defense of bacon, not that it needs it, the answer is "no!" Now shut your snouts!

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