Not Your Gammy’s Grammys


More rambling from "Primetime in No Time" host Frank Nicotero:

"The 54th Grammys": One of the best Grammy shows ever...minus the Nicki Minaj thing. Happy to see Foo Fighters perform twice and win a bunch of awards. And congrats to Louie CK for winning Best Comedy CD. Now where can I get one of those giant digital mouse helmets for my next party.

"BAFTA Awards": When Jean Dujardin won his best actor award for "The Artist" he was very clever while giving his speech. Since most people can't understand much of what he's saying, he just focused on correctly pronouncing a couple of name drops. All he had to do was mention Sir Laurence Olivier, the inventor of rugby William Webb Ellis and of course Benny Hill, and the crowd went nuts. Pure genius.

"The Walking Dead": So I was pretty excited about the return of the 'Dead'; partly because my cousin Greg is the Co-Executive Producer, and partly because I wanted to see which new characters they were going to add... AND KILL IMMEDIATELY.  I thought those two guys at the end would be a nice addition, but instead, Rick shoots them!  I blame it on all the dirt and humidity; all that grime and sweat will make anyone cranky (yep, I would NOT do well in a Zombie Apocalypse).

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