Nobody Would Have Ever Know The Truth


"Anderson": Looking for a wedding gift to get the woman who married herself and her… wife? Well I checked Crate & Barrel and CB2 and they weren't registered there… maybe I can find something for her/them at CB1!

"Ellen": It was kind of hard to tell whether Charlize Theron was more excited about showing off pics of her adorable adopted newborn son, Jackson, or her just as adorable pair of adopted rescue dogs! Some families can really struggle when trying to teach old dogs new tricks when new babies come into the house, but Charlize reports that everyone is getting along fine, with her loyal furry friends hanging out during naptime, midnight baby monitor alarms, and especially cleanup duty during messy baby mealtimes. Charlize told Ellen that you can't call her a single mom, since she has two guys helping her out! Although some little terrier has apparently been nicknamed "The Pacifier Thief". Hopefully that can be adapted into her next movie. I can see the poster already!

"Access Hollywood Live": Apparently during the "American Idol" finale, Fantasia Barrino blew a kiss to Billy Bush while she was performing! But instead of celebrating that and reveling in the glory, Billy decided to come clean and admit that she was actually blowing a kiss to "Idol" creator Simon Fuller who was right behind him. C'mon Billy, nobody would have ever known the truth! This is one secret you should have taken to the grave!

"Wake Up with Al": I'm still not sure if Al was actually hurting Stefanie when he escorted her out of the studio because it really seemed like she was in pain! Either she's a great actress or Al is an awful co-host, or both, I suppose. But on thing I do know for sure, is that Al nearly took her fingers off when he slammed the studio door. Now that would have been really funny, I mean, really sad to see!

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