Nikki Gil’s Summer Essentials

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Photo from NPPA Images.
Photo from NPPA Images.

MYX VJ Nikki Gil is ready for summer. “I might actually be beach-ready for the first time in my life,” she says. “I’ve been working out consistently, minimum of three times a week, for a year now. And I feel like I’ve achieved something.” The VJ’s workout routine is simple. “I go to the gym, that’s it. Free weights, I run, and I bike,” she says. Her fit-spiration is celebrity Jennifer Aniston. “She’s not skinny. I’ve always liked her body and she’s 40 plus. She still looks amazing!”

A diving adventure is in the works in Anilao, she shares. “That would be my first so it will be very interesting.”

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When it comes to her beach essentials, she says that a wide brimmed hat is the most important. “I’m allergic to sunblock. I break out every time I put anything with SPF on my face so a wide brimmed hat can take the place of sunblock.” Nikki is also quite sentimental. “I’d bring a camera. Lately, I’ve been into scrapbooking and all of the pictures I’ve taken before, I’d print them out and put them in my scrapbook,” she says. She’d also pack her sunglasses so she can look cool without any makeup on. Lastly, “a sense of adventure,” she says with utmost importance. “You have to be willing to try everything.”

One summer destination she has put in her bucket list is Amanpulo. “It’s so near yet so far, and so expensive!” she exclaims.

To cool things off in the warm weather, she goes back to basics. “I drink a lot of water. And I love halo-halo,” she says. “And a mojito!”

Photo from NPPA Images.