‘Late Night’: Cupid’s Arrow Welcomes a New Bachelor

The Set

"Why is Tara Ariano of Yahoo's great new blog The Set always going on and on about this Cupid's Arrow segment from 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'?" you have probably asked yourself. "Granted, I've never watched any of the clips she's embedded, but how funny can a sketch about an '80s-era video dating service that used to occupy Studio 8H possibly be?" Guys, I get it. So here are a few teaser lines from last night's installment (which also featured a new bachelor, Rod Rory, played by Jimmy Fallon in a long mullet wig and jumpsuit).

"I'm not one to try new foods; I mostly stick to bread, water, and sauerkraut." - Brustin Pouch

"I've grown into my liver, which means there's no problem with the size of my organs." - James Spadge

"I sleep on a cot, so if you have a bad back, you might want to consider bringing your own bed." - Todd O.

Watch it and you will never doubt me again.