Nia Vardalos: I went through 13 rounds of in vitro fertilization before adopting

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Canadian actress Nia Vardalos has revealed she wanted a baby so badly she went through 13 rounds of in vitro fertilization.

The 50-year-old "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Oscar nominee recently told Access Hollywood that she "had a feeling of shame" over her infertility, which she eventually put aside to write her new book, "Instant Mom," which was released earlier this month.

“I was so stubborn and stayed with the fertility treatments and then -- I don't want to give a spoiler alert on the book -- an accident happened at the lab that was such a huge sign that I said, ‘Got it!’” she told the entertainment show.

Before that, Vardalos described a funny moment during the treatments: the actress was speaking to Barbra Streisand at a Golden Globes party when her husband, actor Ian Gomez, signalled her to come away to get one of her in vitro shots.

"Ian’s pulling me away and I’m like, ‘I’m talking to Barbra Streisand, are you kidding me?’" she recalled.

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The Winnipeg native, who now lives in Los Angeles, eventually adopted a toddler in 2008 from foster care but "kept it quiet" for almost a year in order to help her new daughter adjust. Her name is Illaria.

"As I put her in the car, I leaned in and I tried to be maternal, nurturing," Vardalos said of their first meeting. "I just said, ‘See you later sweetie,’ and she looked at me and went, ‘Bye mommy.'"

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But despite their eagerness to adopt, the couple wasn't exactly ready when they were given only 14 hours notice that they would be bringing Ilaria home. Vardalos said they "tore apart the guest room," added a blow-up bed and made lists. But then they needed food. "Ian took off to the store and came back with baby formula, a teething ring and a steak," she said.

Vardalos reportedly eventually set up a bed in her daughter's room for the first weeks after Ilaria's arrival until the toddler finally started sleeping through the night.

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