New 'Mad Men' Season 7 Photos: Don Draper Takes Off

Kimberly Potts
Yahoo TVMarch 12, 2014

His co-workers and his wife kicked him to the curb at the end of Season 6 … but new promo pics for the upcoming seventh, and final, season of "Mad Men" suggest Don Draper has managed to find his way back to both.

In a newly-released trio of photos from AMC, Don (Jon Hamm) is shown at an airport with wife Megan (Jessica Pare) and co-worker Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), and on an airplane (first class, no doubt) with fellow ad man Roger (John Slattery).

"Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner told Vulture this week that the air travel photos are ad shots, not photos from episodes, so we shouldn't take them literally in terms of storyline implications.

But, AMC also released a 30-second teaser for the new season that was airplane-themed, and, just for fun, if ever there were a TV leading man most likely to join the mile high club, it is one Donald Francis Draper.

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What we do know about Don and his cohorts for Season 7, however, is that the final 14 episodes in the series' run will be split up — "Breaking Bad"-style — into two parts. Part 1, the first seven eps, begins airing on April 13, while part 2 will air in 2015. That means more chances for Hamm to try to nab that Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy that has eluded him in six nominations so far.

The network also released a new promo poster for Season 7, featuring the iconic Don Draper silhouette looking at a trippy design by iconic graphic designer Milton Glaser. Weiner told the New York Times the Glaser poster does tie in to Season 7's storylines, though his explanation, as usual, sparks more questions than clues.

"There is a dreamlike quality to it, and believe it or not, it is related to the show, and not because it's psychedelic," Weiner told the Times. "That's not what it's about. What it's about is the material and the immaterial world, and that's what I loved … This is related to the late '60s, which is all I will say about it. It maintains the idea that this is somehow going on in Don Draper's mind, which is what the story is always about — and what the back of his head is about, on some level."

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The fact that Weiner seemingly confirms Season 7 will occur in the late '60s also suggests there isn't a major time jump between Season 7 and Season 6, which took place in 1968.

But what do you think, fellow "Mad Men" devoted? Is all this airline-related promo stuff just a smoke screen to keep us guessing about Season 7's plot? Or is there something to it? Does it mean after a rather disastrous 1968, Don Draper is headed for sunnier skies in the new season? Or is there even more turbulence ahead for the man formerly known as Dick Whitman?

"Mad Men" Season 7 premieres April 13 at 10 p.m. on AMC.