New 'Breaking Bad' Poster: Walter White at His Most Menacing

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What does it all mean?!?!

AMC has released a new poster for the final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad," and the poster's image and message are seemingly simple: Bryan Cranston's Walter White stands in the sun, fists clenched, and the look on his face is among his most intimidating.

And the words splashed across Walt's image: "REMEMBER MY NAME."

As if. Could anyone forget Walt's name? Or that of his drug kingpin alter ego, Heisenberg?

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Walt's name, or at least his initials, may be the basis of what happens when those final eight episodes premiere on August 11. When last we left the former Albuquerque high school chemistry teacher, his DEA agent brother-in-law, Hank, had discovered a book of Walt Whitman poetry that had been inscribed to Walter from his (now deceased) drug-cooking employee, Gale.

Viewers know that's what the book is, anyway — does Hank? The look of shock that swept across his face suggests he does.

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As we said, the premiere of the final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad" is still a little more than six weeks away. Six long, long weeks.

Check out past "Breaking Bad" posters: