Naya Rivera Dishes on Kissing Demi Lovato

Maya Salam
Fall TV

Whoever ends up with "Glee" superhottie Naya Rivera is lucky! But unfortunately for the ladies who are crushing on the 26-year-old singer-actress, she's not available. In fact, Rivera has been dating hip-hop artist Big Sean for some time. They made their relationship public in April. 

Michael Yo sat down with Rivera on Yahoo's "The Yo Show" to chat about her fans, her music, and kissing "Glee" newcomer Demi Lovato!

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For those unfamiliar with the Fox musical juggernaut, Rivera plays Santana Lopez, a lesbian cheerleader, on the show. And for some of her fans, it's hard to keep reality and fiction separate (or maybe it's just wishful thinking!). When asked if lesbians hit on her (Rivera admitted that a lot of girls do), she told Yo, "Yes, I got proposed to over the weekend on my radio tour with a Ring Pop."

And candy isn't the only perk to being fawned over my both sexes: "I got to sign a boob, too," she said, which also happened on her radio promo tour. We agree with Yo: That must have been some tour.

But when it comes to love interests, there's room for only one new girl in Santana's life, and that would be Lovato! Well, make that Lovato's new "Glee" character, Dani. Was it awkward smooching Lovato? They did just meet, after all. "No, it's not," Rivera said. "Like, we didn't make out. It was just a cute little peck for now."

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For now? Did Rivera just reveal more than intended? "I don't know what the writers are gonna do," she said, adding that they do always try to give the people what they want.

Rivera's overall opinion on having Lovato around: "She's just such a pleasure and a joy to have on set. She's funny and sweet and so talented."

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Sounds like these two might just be fast friends in the making! Especially since Rivera was thrilled that Lovato was a fan of her music. "She texted me two days ago and was like, 'Your song, like, I'm obsessed. … Will you send it to me?' I was like, 'No way — you know good music. That's such a good compliment,'" Rivera said.

"Glee" premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. on Fox.                   

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