A nationally televised show!


Today”: 60,000 pennies? 600 dollars. Grout, glue and varnish? 250 dollars. Online radio subscription to kill all that time? 15 dollars. Getting on “The Today Show” for sticking your life savings to your bedroom floor? Priceless.

Wendy Williams”: The week of reliving my teen years continued when Wendy had Luke Perry visit… um, hey Dylan! And I'm pretty impressed that Wendy was able to ask him about current projects he's working on because I would just want to talk about "90210" the whole time! He did say that in the past week he's spoken to at least four of his former cast mates, which can only mean that there's a reunion in the works. You heard it here first folks!

Anderson Live”: I came in to work today and just felt like tap dancing for some reason! And that's weird because Anderson was also bitten by the tap-dancing bug. And I'm happy to report that neither of us has any business tap-dancing in public for any reason! Lucky for me, I attempted it behind closed doors and not on a nationally televised show!

Ellen”: Ellen took an Australian trivia quiz to prove that she's "koala-fied" to take her audience on a trip there this Spring. Sure, she aced all the questions, and yeah, she has an Australian wife. But check her dancing shoes: have you ever even seen her in a pair of Kangaroos? Just saying, mate!

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