Namaste at his apartment!


Today”: That report about creative holiday cookies was amazing. But I probably shouldn't have tried to make and eat them all before finishing breakfast. Sure, the iced Melting Snowman cookie was cute… but once I got to the one-two punch of Chocolate dipped Oreos, followed by Oreo-stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies? It was all kind of a frosty blur after that. Oh well. I hope Santa likes his glass of milk and apologetic note!

GMA”: Sam Champion's getting married today, you guys! And I can't believe he's actually trying to work on his Wedding Day. He looks so distracted... he just caught himself predicting a 100% chance of rice showers for New York City. Congratulations Sam!

Live! with Kelly and Michael”: It's true what Richard Gere said, he and the Dalai Lama are totally best buds! I heard that whenever His Lama-ness is in NYC, Richard lets him Namaste at his apartment!

Anderson Live!”: Anderson gets grossed out by naked feet! He also had never tried a dill pickle until today. Just thought you’d like to know those two factoids… did you?

GDLA”: Lauren Sivan is pretty fit, so I don’t understand why she named her dog Spanx! But her pup is super adorable, just like his mama… can you tell I’m a fan of Lauren Sivan? She even favorite one of my Tweets today! BFF’s!

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