Naked Shopper On Tape!


"Today": Oh no! "Today" is reporting that the infamous Naked Shopper has been caught on tape? That's... I... oh, wait, huh? It was a MALE Naked Shopper on tape? Phew! I mean... oh, how interesting... ahem.

"Ellen": Is it me, or was the steamy summer beach read "50 Shades of Grey" not... quite the same when Ellen read it aloud today? I mean, sure, it was creative... but I just felt like when she was reading the Anastasia parts, her mind was just elsewhere, or something. And personally I could've done without the sound effects.

"Wendy": There was a moment during Wendy's interview with "Real Housewives of Atlanta's" Kim Zolciak, where I'm pretty sure they forgot there were cameras rolling and people watching. But hey, there's only a handful of people who are just as famous for their wigs as they are for their TV shows. So when they get together it's not surprise they've got wigs on the brain, literally and figuratively!

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