'MythBusters' Hosts Scoop the World on LAX Shooting

Yahoo TV

Shots rang out in Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport Friday morning.

While the airport confirmed an "incident" on their Twitter account at 9:37 a.m. PT, it was actually a pair of hosts on Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" who beat them to breaking the news.

Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara were actually in the terminal and took to Twitter to deliver updates as they were experiencing them — even beating CNN’s breaking news alert about the situation.

"Something crazy is going down at LAX," Belleci wrote at 9:23 a.m. "People running everywhere. We just got evacuated." He also posted several photos throughout the morning.

"Shooters in #LAX That was f***ing terrifying!" he added a minute later, before questioning, "Holy s***!!! How the hell did guns get passed [sic] security? Outside now."

Imahara gave more specifics his tweets, revealing, "I was in the Virgin lounge upstairs. Saw everyone pour out of the terminal onto the tarmac. Then I heard shots fired outside."

He then added, "Virgin promptly locked the lounge doors. About ten minutes later, LAPD armed with automatic weapons arrived to secure the area."

Fox Sports columnist Bill Reiter was also on hand in the Virgin terminal and heard the shots.

"When gunfire broke out there was a stampede [of] people, all of us hiding under seats we didn’t fit under, we burst through the door to outside," he wrote.

After getting outside, he went into reporter mode, writing, "A witness saw shooting in ticketing area at LAX. Now hearing three or four gunman rushed area," but cautioned that the info was unsubstantiated.

LAPD confirms several people were shot, and the suspect was "neutralized."

And they weren't the only boldfaced names in the area. Nick Jonas got the news from his seat on a plane that was headed towards the troubled terminal. "Landed at LAX at to the news that there was a shooting in the terminal my plane was supposed to deplane at," he tweeted. "Currently waiting on the plane in a remote parking area. I am safe. Praying for the victims of this shooting."

Former Oscar nominee James Franco was also sitting on the tarmac, watching the news unfold out the window of a plane.

As for the incident itself, one TSA agent was killed and that a second agent was wounded in the leg, according to reports. A third individual, possibly the gunman, was reportedly also injured. The suspect is in custody. Click here for the latest on this developing story.