Musician Sued $1 Million for Breaking a Promise, and an Inventor Tries to Change the Way We Clean Fruit

Adriana Diaz
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Grammy winning rapper and producer Ryan Leslie has been sued for $1 million over breaking a very public promise. Leslie, who was nominated for a Grammy this year for "Best Contemporary R&B Album" alongside Usher and Chris Brown, lost his laptop last October while on tour in Germany. It contained a number of new songs and projects that were very valuable to him. So valuable that he offered $20,000 for its safe return. He tweeted about the lost laptop a number of times and even set up an email account called to try to facilitate his computer's return. But when no one made a peep, Leslie upped the ante. He made this elaborate YouTube video where he promised to pay $1 million for the computer's return. Wouldn't you know it, a 52-year-old German man found the laptop while walking his dog in a park. But after not getting the $1 million he was expecting, the German man is suing Leslie for $1 million plus interest. Leslie, who was very vocal about his stolen laptop on Twitter, hasn't made a tweet-peep about the laptop's return. But his Twitter fans aren't keeping quiet. Scores are tweeting him to pay up. But one person understands his predicament, since his last album only sold 15,000 copies.

From stolen electronics to fruit. You know those little stickers on fruit that serve absolutely no purpose once you leave the grocery store? The ones that sometimes cover fruit bruises? Well, one man wants to give those labels a purpose. Inventor Scott Amron has created the "vanishing fruit wash label." The product label dissolves when you wash the fruit with water, turning into organic produce soap that actually cleans fruit, ridding it of wax, dirt, and pesticides. Amron has a knack for killing two birds with one stone. His last invention the "key ring" (yes, a key and key ring all in one) was a real hit among consumers. If you want in on his latest fruit idea, he's looking for investors. You can invest in a 10 percent stake on the patent on his website.