Music Video Premiere: Phillip Phillips Does Alaska

Lyndsey Parker
Yahoo TV

Phillip Phillips sure has gotten around since winning "American Idol" last year. He's toured Europe, opened for John Mayer nationwide…and his latest video, for a live acoustic version of "Where We Came From," was even shot on a remote hilltop in Anchorage, Alaska.

The moment Phillip and his crew landed in Anchorage while still on John Mayer's Born and Raised Tour, he and cellist Dave Eggar and guitarist Errol Cooney headed to the hillside to film this visually stunning clip, which looks more like an IMAX film than a typical musical video.

Despite the freezing wind and train, Phillip and his bandmates were real troopers, and they knocked out the performance in just two takes. The result is this stunner, premiering now on Yahoo's Reality Rocks. Enjoy P-Squared's northern exposure here.

And be sure to order Phillip's debut album + bonus live EP with two exclusive live tracks (the first 2,500 copies will be signed) on QVC, and vote for him for the American Music Awards' New Artist of the Year here.

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