Munn’s The Word


"Live! with Kelly": Wow, Michael Strahan sure has been guest co-hosting an awful lot lately. Is "Live! with Kelly & Mike" around the corner? Is this show about to be sponsored by The Gap? Stay tuned..

"Today": Okay, I'm already ready for the holiday to be over! I know it sounds weird, but YOU try watching hours and hours of morning TV without our usual "Today" anchors. No Lauer, no Guthrie and no Roke'! No joke!

"Bethenny": Olivia Munn didn't really do much pole dancing today, even though she's a star in the stripper movie "Magic Mike". I guess when it comes to Olivia exotic dancing on live TV, Munn's the word.

"The View": Seeing Teri Hatcher wear her hair short again was definitely a stroll down Lois Memory Lane. I had "Lois and Clark" flashbacks to 1994.. and I"m not Lion, King! I Swear!

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