Multimillion-dollar attic find


GMA”: Some superfans delivered portraits of the anchors made entirely out of licorice pieces. They were actually pretty good! Oh, they looked nice, too. And just like the Italian Renaissance inspired today's macaroni art, I'm sure these candy-coated works of art will inspire a good'n'plenty number of future virtuosos. Is your kid the next James McNeil Twizzler? Because that might make you Twizzler's mother!

Ellen”: Wow, Ellen has managed to stretch out the footage of her trip to Australia for a whole week's worth of shows. This is just like when my Mom made us all look at the pictures from her trip to Kansas City… give or take a few million people sitting around the slide projector.

Today”: Dude, how awesome is that seal who just sits and slowly spins around in the water taking in some sun?! That's pretty much it, I just wanted to point that out.

Anderson Live”: A fashion expert told a man in the audience that brands like Abercrombie and Hollister are junior brands and shouldn't be worn past the age of 21. Uh-oh, there is a large population of middle-aged men who go to clubs here in L.A. that are going to be very disappointed about this! The fashion expert must have run out of time so I'll help her out; wearing earrings and frosting your tips also shouldn't be done past the age of 21!

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