MTV is Making a Reality Show About Rural West Virginian Young People, Of Course

The Set

After the success of "Jersey Shore," MTV has identified yet another youth culture to exploit celebrate: that of a rural West Virginian town, where "recent college graduates" from different economic situations (some are from "up in the hills" and some are from "in the holler," apparently) will participate in "'Jackass"-like stunts. TV Guide reports that after being wowed by a presentation, the network has ordered 12 episodes of the show, which is called "Buck Wild." If you're wondering whether MTV knows exactly what we're all thinking when we hear they're doing a show about the youth culture of rural Appalachia, this is what MTV programming head David Janollari told TV Guide for their exclusive announcement of "Buck Wild":

"[The show] is so wholeheartedly not making fun of these kids... they have a great sense of humor, and you're drawn to them and this world."

We'll have to wait for the spring thaw for the show to even begin shooting, so don't expect to be drawn into the "Buck Wild" world and pack up all your stuff and move to rural West Virginia until at least next summer or fall. Hey, if for some reason you're one of the young college graduates recruited to appear on this show: it's not too late to do anything else with your life! Because I so wholeheartedly believe they're going to making fun of you. (I mean, what with the stunts, doesn't it kind of sound exactly like the premise of "The Hunger Games"?) At the very least, insist on getting a bunch of money up front, because this show and what comes from it might be your first and last job out of college. Just ask Snooki. (Who yes, is rich. But DO YOU WANT TO BE HER? I rest my case.)