Ms. Purr-fect Is A National Star!


"Today": Apparently the music group One Direction is a pretty huge deal, because he Plaza was flooded with teenage girls (and Hoda) there to see them. And what I found interesting is that both Matt Lauer and Kathie Lee mentioned that the throngs of young girls didn't care who they or the other hosts were, they only cared about One Direction. Well, jeez Matt and KLG, sorry if your egos got a little bruised, but have you seen One Direction? They're absolutely adorable! I wouldn't care about you old hosts either! Kidding! I love you both and wanna be just like you!

"Live! with Kelly": When is Cee-Lo going to learn that he should never make another appearance in public without his amazing cat? Face facts, Cee... Ms. Purr-fect is a national star. It's become bigger than both of you! I'm more of a dog person. Nothing personal toward cats, it's just that every kitty I've tried to make friends with has pretty much been like, "Forget you, Nikki!" (Or its non-radio-airplay equivalent.)

"Ellen": Jason Segel told Ellen he went to the Oscars in a rented tux, and ripped his pants! Luckily, he didn't have to go up on stage when his Muppet movie won for Best Song. He probably would've looked a little Fozzie...

"GDNY": Considering he has the attention span of young boy, it's no surprise that Greg had trouble focusing once he started hearing a random beeping noise. But can you blame him? The last time I had a random chirping noise in my house I couldn't find the source, so I just ended up moving out! Enjoy your new place, suckers!

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