Mrs. Marty McFly


"Ellen": Like Mike? As in Michael J. Fox? Of course you do, who doesn't? And that's why you should be Alex P.-leased as punch that Michael J. is heading back to primetime TV! He's working on a new show to start next year, and word is, when he talked to network execs about the idea, they bought a whole season, without even seeing a script! Why? "Because they're crazy!" joked Mike. Well you can call me crazy, call me Mallory, or call me Mrs. Marty McFly. Just make sure to call me when this show goes on the air!

"GMA": I love it when the Muppets take over. I wonder if they have their own Muppet-height stage door? Well, I hope that "GMA" at least provides free transportation to and from Sesame Street when the Muppets take Manhattan!

"Wake Up with Al": It's easy to laugh at someone who messes up while reading a Teleprompter, unless of course you've been in their shoes! If you think reading every single word that's put in there is bad, well I know a certain host who reads words that aren't there, or just makes up words as she goes! Yet, she still manages to host "Daytime in No Time" flawlessly every day! I'm talking about me if you didn't pick up on that.

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