Mr. Potato Head Must Have A Great Plastic Surgeon!


"Ellen": I love that Ellen likes to scare her guests but I'm starting to think she's pushing her luck a little bit. It only takes one bad scare to go from beloved daytime talk show host to the lady that gave Julia Roberts a heart attack on national television! But as long as she only scares young people that are in good health and leaves people like, say, Don Rickles and Betty White alone, she should be fine!

"Today": Kim K isn't the only super-famous, sexy brunette that was flour-bombed in the last 24 hours — except I got flower-bombed, too!

"Let's Make A Deal": Wayne Brady might just be the most talented man on Earth. Seriously, the guy is a professional singer, dancer, actor and host! Oh, and he's professionally handsome, too!

"CBS This Morning": Mr. Potato Head is turning 60? Wow, he doesn't look a day over seven minutes. But just between you and me, I heard he gets his eyes done like, all the time. And his lips! Mr. Potato head must have a great plastic surgeon!

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