Move Over Tebowing


"Today": Move over, Planking, Owling, Fridgeing, Tebowing and just plain Posing… after London 2012, it's all about Bolting! "Today" showed a whole team full of photos, of Usain Bolt fans posing just like their favorite Fastest Man Alive. So, here's how you Bolt: get down on one knee, and pose with one hand to your ear, and the other stretched toward the sky, palm down. Oh, and make sure you do it in less than 9.37 seconds!

"GDNY": I always thought the lead singer of 3 Doors Down was a little older, but apparently he's just a young boy. Although, their biggest hit came out 12 years ago so unless there's a Benjamin Button thing going on here, I think "Good Day New York" was trying to pull a fast one! Well, you can't fool me, I was totally on to you... eventually!

"Wake Up with Al": I thought Stephanie Abrams moved to New York from Atlanta a couple months ago, but apparently she's been living out of a suitcase because the move doesn't become official until this weekend. It seems like a pretty emotional time for her, but Al decided it was a good time to give her guff! So not only did he get to go to London for the Olympics and leave her back in the states, he also ruined her goodbye to Atlanta moment! Jerk!

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