'Mindy Project' in Emojis: Girl Meets Guy on a Plane, but He's Kind of Above It All

Caroline Kepnes
Fall TV

There's nothing like a nocturnal staff field trip to an art gallery to see naked photos of a co-worker to spice things up! In this above-par "Mindy Project," Dr. Danny's (Chris Messina) ex-wife Christina (Chloë Sevigny) exhibited nude photos of Danny against his will. That's why the episode is called "Weiner Night," see.

And where there's art, there's pretension. While Dr. Danny's body became art, Mindy was meeting cute with Jason Richman (Ben Feldman of "Mad Men"), an elitist, snobby arts and culture writer for the New York Independent. Danny described him as "the psycho guy who called Bon Jovi pedestrian." Rock on, Danny!

Feldman wasn't the only special-guest guy. Kevin Smith made a riotous cameo as ... Kevin Smith. And Mark Duplass was back as Brendan the annoying midwife. And most important, new cute lawyer guy Cliff (Glenn Howerton) was also in the mix.

Hurricane Mindy was, understandably, all over the freaking place. Buckle up and bear down, people. This is a lot to take in.


Level 5: Watch out! Tornado? Sharknado? Mind-ado!

Level 4: Danger! Yes, that's hail out there

Level 3: Thunder sounds worse than it is (knock on wood)

Level 2: Cloudy with 50-50 chance of drama

Level 1: Smooth sailing. Happy, healthy, and totally well-adjusted!

Mindy's just boarded a flight after "an enemy's" wedding, so she's not exactly in a calm frame of mind. She calls over a flight attendant for a "Code Red" because her TV is broken. The flight attendant is irritated, and Mindy concedes that this might be her romantic "flight of destiny." The flight attendant takes her photo because you can't say things like "Code Red" and "flight of destiny" on an airplane.

Kevin Smith takes the middle seat and attempts to bond with Dr. L because he won't have to deal with "skinny stink eye." Mindy goes berserk and declares herself "a petite Asian woman."

Smith's seat actually belongs to a wiry dude in a necktie (Ben Feldman). Mindy is instantly smitten. New guy tells Smith that he "loved 'Chasing Amy'" and shamelessly flirts with Dr. L Maybe new guy is cool!

They're two hours into the flight when new guy officially asks Mindy out on a date. She says yes (duh), but she also tells him she probably has a UTI from waiting so long for him to make his move. Mindy, shhh!

Mindy tells everyone about meeting a guy on the plane and confirms that she did not join the Mile High Club. Jeremy (Ed Weeks) is outraged; he should get to be friends with Jason Richman! Danny is outraged; Jason Richman is a snob! This is healthy and risky, getting different perspectives on a potential love interest.

Mindy and Jason are having dinner after a movie, and there is zero chemistry. She didn't like the movie because the actors weren't hot, and he liked the movie because the actors weren't hot. He mocks Rachel McAdams movies. Dr. L should ditch this snob immediately. But…

She lets him walk her home and invites him up but says he has to wait because she needs to flush the toilet. He kisses her and says it's a pleasant surprise to be invited up because "it doesn't seem like there's a future here. We don't have a lot in common culturally." Jerk much?

Dr. L gives it to him and brags that she is cultured; hey, she's been to London! He says sorry and goes in for a kiss and she puts him off — says she has never been this insulted. Good girl!

Bad girl. He says he will happily listen to One Direction while they hook up. She seeks clarification: "Documentary or album?" Ugh. Neither. Run! Ditch this dude!

She sends the snob packing. Phew.

Mindy asks Danny if she can have a plus-one for Weiner Night. Danny doesn't approve. She says she wants to prove that Jason's not better than her ... which is always a bad idea.

She calls Jason and tells him that she can't quote Shakespeare or the Pledge of Allegiance but wants him to go to the gallery with her. Maybe she should read "The Rules." Just kidding ... mostly.

She says, "Bye, I love you." You know, to the guy whom she met on a plane and had one date with...

She walks with Danny to the art opening and tells him to calm down about seeing pictures of his body plastered all over Manhattan. "We are doctors. We can handle nudity." Good friend. Cut to...

Mindy and Danny are looking at a photo of naked Danny and Mindy freaks out and says they never should have come. Bad friend!

Mindy is making small talk with Cliff. She casually tells him that her date is arriving, and he tells her that she looks good. "Usually you look like a piñata." Adorable. Can they go out already?

Even more adorable: Cliff says he gave up Daughtry tickets to be here tonight. She says she loves Daughtry. KISS HIM, MINDY, KISS HIM!

Or let the moment pass because snobby Jason arrives and he's wearing a scarf. Typical.

Mindy, Brendan, and Jason take in the art. Under peer pressure to analyze art, she babbles and uses the word "nads." Exit Brendan. Jason says "nads" to make her feel better (but we still don't like him). Jeremy interrupts, as an awkward and nervous NKOTB fan approaches Jordan Knight for an autograph.

Jason asks Mindy which artists she follows. Barf. Mindy babbles and namedrops Monet. Jeremy, Jason, and Brendan all laugh at her. She's perplexed. Jason says, "That's like saying your favorite singer is Katy Perry." That is her favorite singer, but the room darkens as Christina appears on a big screen, analyzing her "art."

Dr. L goes off about how smart she is, how she read a lot in med school and has "pretty good boobs." She professes her love for "Real Housewives" and Katy Perry, and all the artsy people groan. Drunk Danny comes to her defense and starts to strip — why not? He's naked on the walls! She helps him. KISS HIM ALREADY!

Jason has ditched her and she's on her own, but when Morgan asks her for coffee, she says no. Wise.

Mindy and Danny sit on the stoop outside the gallery. He longs to go somewhere without art — "Iran or Utah" — and she says he looks good. But then a skinny brunette chick hits on Danny and Mindy pushes him away: "You obviously want to." And he goes. Waah. Sad Mindy.

She is not sobbing as she arrives at her apartment building. Way to keep it together!

Jason is waiting for her. He makes a "Pretty in Pink" reference and apologizes for being a "rude judgmental snob." (We still don't like him; it's too much of a 180.) He plays a Katy Perry song on a ukulele for her. (We don't buy it.) Of course, they kiss. (Sorry, but we just prefer Danny. And Cliff.)

Who's your favorite prospect for Dr. L?

"The Mindy Project" airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.