Mike Tyson Says It Best


"Today": I think Mike Tyson says it best, when he says nothing at all.

"The View": Justin Bieber made his grandfather in the audience cry! Probably because he had to watch Barbara Walters hitting on his grandson!

"Good Day New York": You could see it in Greg's eyes during the entire magician segment that he had something up his sleeve, pun intended. And even though we all knew what was coming, including Rosanna who called him out for it before hand, Greg wound up and proudly threw out his own version of 52-card pickup! I swear he's a 5-year-old trapped in a man's body, and that's why we love him!

"GMA": That sure was a long report today on how to get the greatest bargains at Flea Markets. Oh, so that's what they meant by "Extreme Flea Marketing"! I always thought that referred to marketing things TO fleas. Like, "hey flea, why not take your next vacation on this dog! See the whole yard. And he never scratches, or your money back!"

"Wake Up with Al": Man, dogs playing with sprinklers and dogs on surfboards, could this show get any cuter?! The answer to that, sadly, is no because they also did a news story about a kid who was recovering from a getting a three foot spear to the skull. Please, more cute dog stories and less spear wound stories!

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